My name is Ashley Kutcher and I am a singer/songwriter originally from Bel Air, Maryland. I now attend Towson University and live in Towson, Maryland. I began singing, playing guitar, and playing piano from a very young age. My father is a very passionate musician who plays the drums. He is always my number one fan and critique. He has created a music studio in our basement that is still evolving, so my family has always been around creating and playing music.

     After receiving my first guitar at 16, I began playing and singing more than I ever have. I began uploading videos to Instagram and Twitter as a way for my friends and family to view. People became interested and my videos began to gain attention from people I did not know. Receiving positive feedback was always exciting and I realized that my music could bring joy to people other than just myself. During high school, I was convinced to play my first live performance in our high school variety (talent) show. After the first show, I knew I wanted to keep performing. Even if I was just singing in front of my high school, the support I received was very motivating. To me, performing was one of the best feelings, especially when I was able to share the stage with other people. I became very close with other musicians in high school and realized that nothing connects people like music.

     I am now in college as a Nursing Major, my other interest is in medicine and caring for people. But I began to feel lost without music until I was introduced to a producer and DJ named Seth Lipowitz, who goes by the name of SLiP. I had always written my own music, but had never attempted to release an original before I met Seth. We immediately connected and shared the same passion for creating music. With my vocals and his production ability, we were able to release my first single called Leave Me Lonely. This single did way better than we ever expected and reached people way beyond our friends and family. With currently over 180,000 streams on Spotify, we realized people were interested in what we were creating. I was even featured in an article on the Musical Heart Beat website as a new artist discovery. I am currently working on new music and plan to release many more songs.





     Not only did I meet Seth in college, but I also was introduced to Giles Perkins. Giles is an extremely talented film student studying at New York University. He began to film music videos for my music. His ability to put my words and feelings into a visual is beyond captivating and shines so much light on what my lyrics are all about. I have also come across many new producers, songwriters, and artists along the way. My new single "Lust" releases on July 31st with much help from a Grammy nominated producer and engineer, Eric Taft.

     Sophomore year I decided to quit my part-time job of waitressing to focus on writing and performing. I now sing and play guitar at local restaurants, bars, and festivals. I am always looking for new locations to play. I play renditions of my favorite songs and occasionally mix in some of my original music. My style is anywhere from pop, to alternative, to soul. My inspirations include Lennon Stella, The 1975, John Mayer, James Bay, Alec Benjamin, Alessia Cara, and many more.

     I look forward to creating more music and performing live. I have really found people that support and help me in doing what I love to do. The love I receive when I play live is the best feeling in the world. I am very excited for what the future has in store for me.

"With her gorgeous and evocative vocals, the songstress will pull at your heartstrings" -Musical Heart Beat

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